Enable and Configure Text Automations

Text automations are one of our main features of the Air SMS Shopify app. It aims to help you connect with your customers and increase your sales through cleverly-timed automatic SMS messages.

In this article, I'll explain the types of automations that are available and how they target specific customers. Note that this guide assumes you have completed installing the app, however the details still hold true if you haven't!

Let's get started.

Explore the available text automations

Firstly, open the app via the Shopify Admin UI. Once you're in, navigate to Automations on the left.

You will see a list of (preset) automations. By default, this are two abandoned cart automations, a customer wingback automation and a shipping confirmation automation. All automations can be configured to your liking.

Abandoned cart

Abandoned cart automations are triggered when a customer abandons their checkout. We allow for two of these to be enabled. We believe this maximizes your chance of converting abandoned carts into completed sales!

Note that this is a marketing automation and will only trigger if the customer has opted-in to marketing.

Customer Winback

Customer Winback automations send an SMS to customers who have not made a purchase in a specified amount of time. Note that this automation will only trigger for customers when they lapse over this time threshold. If you have customers who haven't purchased for longer than this, it might be a great opportunity to send an SMS marketing campaign instead.

Note that this is a marketing automation and will only trigger if the customer has opted-in to marketing.

Shipping confirmation

Shipping confirmation automations are sent to a customer when their order is shipped.  Note: Shopify will automatically send a shipping confirmation text to a customer if they check out with their phone number or enter their phone number at the end of a checkout.  Air SMS will bridge that gap by sending shipping confirmation texts to customers who check out by email, by using the phone number specified in the shipping phone number fied.

Configuring an Automation

You are able to configure automations in the following ways:

  • Enable or disable the automation.

  • Change how long to wait until sending (except for Shipping Confirmation).

  • Edit the content.

To edit the content of an automation, click on the message preview bubble to open the Edit Message popup.

The message editor allows you to edit the message content as well as add specific tags such as the store name, customer name or any other available details that may be relevant to the message. You can also add emojis to the message to make it more fun. 😄 

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