Keep Compliant with GDPR

If any of your customers are in the European Union, you must comply with GDPR regulations. This guide aims to assist you to comply with GDPR.

Disclaimer: We are not certified legal advisers and this guide is not legal advice. You should consult with a lawyer who is familiar with GDPR before using any of this text.

Let's get on with it!

Your Privacy Policy

1. In the Shopify Admin UI, navigate to Settings > Legal.

2. Locate and update your Privacy Policy.

If you don't have a privacy policy, a good way to start is clicking Replace with Template and modifying the template as per the instructions.

Insert the following text into your privacy policy. If you are using the default template, we recommend inserting this at the end of the section "How do we use your personal information?"

If you opt-in to receive marketing communications from us, we may use the phone numbers that you provide to us to send text notifications and text marketing offers. We share your information with third-parties and carriage services to facilitate delivery of SMS to your handset. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving text marketing messages, reply with STOP to any marketing texts sent by us or follow the instructions provided in the text message. You acknowledge that consent is not a condition for any purchase. Message and data rates may apply.

Make sure you save your changes.

Your Checkout

1. In the Shopify Admin UI, navigate to Settings > Checkout.

2. Scroll down to the Email marketing section, and:

  • check Show a sign-up option at checkout

  • uncheck Preselect the sign-up option

Make sure you save your changes.

3. Scroll down to the Checkout language section and click Manage checkout language.

4. Search for "marketing" and update Accept marketing checkbox label to the following text:

Sign up for exclusive offers and news via email and/or text messaging

Make sure you save your changes.

5. Search for "privacy policy" and update Privacy policy to the following text:

By opting in, I consent to receive marketing messages via email and/or text. Consent is not a condition to purchase. Message and data rates may apply. View Privacy Policy.

Make sure you save your changes.

That's it! You're done. 😄 

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