Billing and Auto Topup

Air SMS is a prepaid service that charges based on the text messages you send.

We are integrated with Shopify billing, and as such all payments that you make to us are performed via Shopify and only with your explicit permission.

Topping up your account

You can top up your account in two different ways:

  1. Manually top your account up in the Air SMS app. This applies a once-off charge on your Shopify bill and applies the payment to your Air SMS balance.

  2. Set up auto-topup (Recommended). You can configure your account to top up automatically when your balance is low, and you can also define a monthly budget.

Setting up auto-topup is recommended as your account requires a positive balance in order to send text messages.

Consuming your account balance by sending text messages

Each time an SMS is sent, your Air SMS account balance will be charged for that message, based on the recipient's country, the message length and the content. You may be charged for more than one message per text that is sent. Learn more about how this works in our pricing guide.

Running out of account balance

If you run out of account balance, your text messages will stop sending. This includes all text automations and SMS marketing campaigns.

You can prevent your account balance from running out by setting up auto top-up in Air SMS settings with a sufficient budget to cover your text messaging activities.

Will I receive an invoice from Air SMS?

Air SMS payments are applied from your Shopify account and as such, Air SMS will not send you an invoice.

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