Air SMS Settings and What They Do

Air SMS provides a handful of settings allowing you to customize the behavior of the app.

Let's jump right on in.

Quiet hours

The goal of quiet hours is to not annoy your customers with marketing texts in the middle of the night. We'll automatically detect the time zone of your customers and reschedule delivery to outside of quiet hours if necessary.

There's a few things to take note of:

  • Messages must be available for sending for at least 7 hours during the day.

  • If a message has been postponed due to quiet hours, it may be received slightly later than you expect, as there is some uncertainty when determining customers' time zones. We'd rather send messages slightly later than risk sending them during quiet hours!

Auto top-up

Air SMS is a prepaid service and your account must be funded to send messages. Ensure you don't miss out on potential sales by enabling auto top-up.

Auto top-up works like this:

  • We'll top up your account with a certain amount

  • ...when your account balance falls below a certain amount

  • ...but we won't go over the monthly limit you define

Payments are handled entirely through Shopify. You do not need to provide your credit card details to us.

Global sender

You can set up a Sender ID that is used on all messages. This Sender ID is who the recipient sees the message come from on their handset. This is completely optional and if it's not set we'll automatically pick a compatible phone number for you.

Note that alphanumeric Sender ID is only available in certain countries. It is not available in US/CA. If you send a message to a unsupported country, we'll always automatically pick a compatible phone number for you.

Smart sending

Smart sending ensures we don't send multiple marketing texts in quick succession. Read more about smart sending here.

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