Sending Targeted Marketing Campaigns

You can achieve higher conversion rates by targeting your SMS marketing campaigns to specific segments of customers.

For example, you might want to offer a 20% discount to your most loyal customers in the US and Canada.  A good set of filters might be:

  • To select the location, you can use the Country filter with United States and Canada.

  • To identify loyal customers, you could use the Order Count filter and set it to Greater Than 2.  This will only include customers who have ordered from you more than 2 times.

  • A good idea might be to exclude customers that have purchased in the last week.  They might get upset if you give them a discount code right after they paid full price.  You can achieve this by setting the Ordered filtered to "Has not ordered within Last Week".

Pretty straight forward right?

What Filters Can I Use?

You can use the following filters when designing an SMS marketing campaign.


Include or exclude customers in specific countries.


Include or exclude customers that have purchased in the last week, last month, last 3 months and last year.

Order Count

Only include customers if they have ordered a specified number of times.

Total Spent

Only include customers if they have spent the specified amount.


Include or exclude customers with the specified tags. If you use Shopify to tag your customers, this can be a powerful way to segment your customers.

How do I send different messages to different segments?

To send different messages to different segments, simply create multiple campaigns.

We highly recommend that you schedule these campaigns to send at the same time. In case your segments have overlapping customers, Smart Sending will prevent a customer from receiving multiple text messages at the same time.

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