Using Discounts in Messages

Give me a good discount code and I'll use it. Shh, don't tell my other half! 🛒💳😍 

Providing discounts to your customers is a great way to entice them to purchase from your shop. What could this look like?

  • Offer free shipping if someone abandons their cart.

  • Offer a discount if someone hasn't purchased from you for a while.

  • Offer a super sweet discount in a specialized and targeted SMS marketing campaign.

Let's get started.

Setting up discounts

When editing a message, click Discounts to start configuring discounts.

There are two main options when it comes to inserting discounts in your messages:

  1. Use an existing discount code you've set up in the Shopify UI. The same discount code will be used for every customer.

  2. Generate a unique discount code. A distinct discount code will be provided to each customer. (Recommended)

To insert the discount code into a message, use the template tag {DiscountCode}. If you're configuring an abandoned cart automation, the discount code will be automatically embedded into the link that customers can use to complete their purchase.

In this guide, we'll focus on generating unique discount codes for each customer.

Discount type

You can select the type of discount to provide from one of three options:

  • Percentage: offer a percentage discount, such as 20% off.

  • Free Shipping: offer free shipping to a certain shipping zone / country.

  • Fixed Amount: offer a fixed discount, such as $20 off.

Minimum requirements

You can specify the minimum criteria that the order needs to satisfy to be eligible to receive the discount. You can select one of three options:

  • None: no requirements and any order is eligible for this discount.

  • Minimum Purchase Amount: the order sub-total must be at least this amount for the order to be eligible, such as a minimum spend of $50.

  • Minimum Quantity of Items: the order must contain at least this many items for the order to be eligible, such as a minimum purchase quantity of 3 items.

Expiry time

You can specify that the discount code will expire after a certain period of time. For example, the discount code could expire in 48 hours.

Note that we group discount codes together in your Shopify UI to avoid clutter. A consequence of this is that the expiry time that you specify is approximate. It will never be shorter than what you specify, however it may expire at most 24 hours later than what you specify. We thought this was a good trade-off to keep your Shopify Discounts UI clean and tidy.

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