How to Test the Shipping Confirmation Automation

Let's set the scene. You've installed Air SMS, have enabled the shipping confirmation automation, and now you'd like to test that it works. Let's get started!

What to know first

Shopify natively sends shipping confirmation texts when customers check out using their phone number, or when they enter their phone number at the end of checkout to receive shipping confirmations (if enabled).

Air SMS fills the gap by sending shipping confirmations when neither of these are true, by sending the text to the phone number listed in the shipping phone number field.


Make sure you've:

  • Enabled the shipping confirmation automation.

  • Topped up your account and have a positive account balance.

Let's test it out

To test the shipping confirmation automation, perform the following steps:

  1. Visit your shop.

  2. Add some items to your cart and go to the checkout.

  3. Entering your details. Check out with your email address. Enter your phone number in the shipping phone number field.

  4. Complete your purchase. Do not enter your phone number after you have completed the purchase.

  5. In the Shopify UI, fulfill the order.

You should receive the shipping confirmation shortly after you fulfill the order.

I haven't received the text

Firstly, what time is it?  Check the quiet hours setting in your Air SMS settings.  Air SMS will not send SMS during quiet hours and will postpone delivery until the next day.

Is it close to quiet hours?  Sometimes there is uncertainly when determining your time zone, and out of an abundance of caution, we will postpone delivery until the next day. Additionally, we may deliver the text slightly after quiet hours ends if we are unable to precisely determine your time zone.

Have you met the prerequisites above? Make sure the shipping confirmation automation is enabled and you have a positive account balance.

If you still have questions or need assistance, please feel welcome to reach out to support.

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