I'm Testing the App But Haven't Received a Text

At Air SMS, we want you to be successful. We've put together this troubleshooting guide to help answer some common issues faced.

What's the time?

What time is it?  Check the quiet hours setting in your Air SMS settings.  Air SMS will not send SMS during quiet hours and will postpone delivery until the next day.

Is it close to quiet hours?  Sometimes there is uncertainly when determining your time zone, and out of an abundance of caution, we will postpone delivery until the next day. Additionally, we may deliver the text slightly after quiet hours ends if we are unable to precisely determine your time zone.

Is Smart Sending the culprit?

Have you already tested another marketing automation recently? Smart Sending prevents you from receiving multiple marketing texts in quick succession. Review the Smart Sending setting in your Air SMS settings and try again at a later time.

Did you perform the test correctly?

We've compiled guides to testing each automation.

Please refer to this article to double-check that you haven't missed anything, like making sure you opted-in to receive marketing.

If you have questions or need assist, please feel welcome to reach out to support.

Need assistance or just have a question?

Contact us by e-mail at support@airsms.io.