How to Test the Customer Recovery Automation

Let's set the scene. You've installed Air SMS, have enabled the customer recovery automation, and now you'd like to test that it works. Let's get started!


Make sure you've:

  • Enabled the customer recovery automation.

  • Topped up your account and have a positive account balance.

You'll also need to have purchased from your shop slightly before the Delay setting you configured against the automation. For example, if you configured the delay to be 1 month, you need to have purchased from your shop about 28-29 days ago. When you purchased, you'll also need to have entered your phone number and opted-in to receive marketing. This could make it tricky to test!

Let's test it out

If you have met the prerequisites, there's nothing you need to do but wait.

Now we play the waiting game

Depending on how you configured the automation and when you placed the order, you'll need to wait a while before receiving the text.

When you receive the text, congratulations, you've successfully tested the customer recovery automation.

I haven't received the text

Have you waited long enough? Customer recovery automations are designed to be sent some time after your customer's last purchase.

Have you met the prerequisites above? Make sure the customer recovery automation is enabled and that you have a positive account balance. Check the customer record that you are testing in the Shopify UI and verify that a phone number is listed, that it has opted-in to receive marketing, and that the last purchase was slightly more recent than the delay you configured against the automation (at the time you started testing).

If your last purchase was after the delay configured against the automation, you will not receive a customer recovery text. The customer recovery automation is only triggered when you lapse over the time configured. To reach customers who haven't purchased for longer than this, we recommend sending an SMS marketing campaign.

Have you already tested another marketing automation recently? Smart Sending prevents you from receiving multiple marketing texts in quick succession. Review the Smart Sending setting in your Air SMS settings and try again at a later time.

If you still have questions or need assistance, please feel welcome to reach out to support.

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