Sending a Successful Marketing Campaign

Sending SMS marketing campaigns can be a great way to gain extra revenue from your existing customers.  Air SMS gives you the power to personalize messages, embed discounts, use emojis, filter and segment your customers and report on the results.

Let's get started!

Creating a campaign

To create a campaign:

  1. Click Campaigns in the left menu.

  2. Click Create New Campaign.

Designing your message

Give your campaign a name for easy reference. This name is also embedded as the utm_campaign parameter in all links within the message.

Get creative. Tell your customers about a current promo, new products that are available, or anything else! Use some emojis to spice things up! Make sure you include a link to your shop in the message. You can do this using the {ShopUrl} tag.

Offer a discount. If you want to offer a discount, you can set up an embedded discount. For example, offer free shipping or a 20% discount if they spend more than $100.

Pick the audience. Use campaign filters to target your campaign to specific customers.

Schedule the message. Either send your campaign immediately, or schedule it for a specific time. Note that the scheduled time is in the local time zone of the recipient, and we may send at a slightly different time if we can't figure out exactly what time zone they are in.  Also note that your quite hours settings will postpone messages if you attempt to send a campaign late at night or early in the morning.

Sending your campaign

When you are ready to send:

  1.  Click Review & Send.

  2. Verify everything is right and then press Send.

You cannot make changes after you press Send, however you can cancel sending and duplicate the campaign if you need to.

Analyzing your campaign

Once your campaign has started sending, you are able to view campaign reporting.  This gives you many metrics, such as messages sent, revenue gained, links clicked and much more.

You should wait for your campaign to finish sending before analyzing the results in detail.

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